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This Shrimp salad recipe will be your go to shellfish dinner.  It is an extremely easy to make dinner that is a healthy recipe that tastes delicious!

And if you buy pre-cooked shrimp, this shrimp and cilantro lime salad won’t require any cooking on your part.  Just wash, chop, and toss the salad ingredients with the shrimp and dinner will be done.  Serve with some toasted bread for a complete meal.  Or skip the bread to keep this low carb to stay on track with your keto friendly lifestyle.

This shrimp salad recipe is not your typical salad.  Rather, this is a satisfying salad that will leave you feeling satisfied, but not overly full and bloated.  And this dinner tastes delicious!  Healthy recipes don’t have to taste boring, they can be tasty.  It’s true!

Cilantro Shrimp Salad is the absolute best dinner you can choose on a hot summer night. Loaded with nutritional value and lots of tasty salad ingredients such as corn, black beans, cucumbers, lime, and avocados along with shrimp, your stomach will be in heaven and your hips will certainly thank you!

I not only love the taste of this cilantro shrimp salad that is truly a meal, but I absolutely love that it is super easy to make! And, I can’t stress it enough, you don’t have to cook this delicious meal…just get the pre-cooked shrimp, then you just have to chop, mix, and serve!  Delicious, easy to make, and a healthy recipe.  What’s not to love about this shrimp salad recipe?